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Pro and College Coaches Save Time Drawing Football Play Cards

As a coach, your time is limited and with all the preparation that needs to be done each week, game planning, scouting, and recruiting, every minute counts. Professional and college teams that used Football Play Card during the 2016 season to draw their play cards for practice and for their scouting reports saved over 50% of the time from the previous year.

Based on analytics and speaking with the offensive coaches of one of our professional football teams, they are saving over 15 hours per week as a coaching staff as a result of using our Football Play Card app. Because of the built in football intelligence, all they have to do is select the offense, front, and coverage and make minor modifications to the card once it is drawn to match what they are seeing on film. They no longer draw cards with sharpies and need to use whiteout to correct a mistake or redraw a card entirely. The coaches mentioned another major benefit of using Football Play Card is the consistency in play card look across all of the coaches so that the scout team knows exactly what to do on each play and is not guessing what each card means. Based on their 16 game season plus four preseason games, they have saved over 300 hours this season by drawing their play cards for practice and their scouting reports with Football Play Card.

After speaking with the defensive coaches from one of our division one collegiate teams, they are saving over 4 hours per week per coach drawing plays cards with Football Play Card. Since they have been using Football Play Card for several years, they are saving more and more time drawing play cards each year because they now have a play card library from every team they played for the past three seasons. So instead of drawing cards from scratch every day, they copy plays from their previous seasons or games and make the quick modifications where necessary and add them to their play script for that day’s practice. Based on their 12 game season plus bowl game, their coaching staff has saved nearly 200 hours drawing play cards with Football Play Card.

If you would like to save time drawing football play cards for practice, for your scouting reports, or for your playbook or if have any questions about our Football Play Card app, please contact us at info@FootballPlayCard.com

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