Use Player Options to change player letters, numbers, and colors

Do you identify your linebackers as something other than Sam, Mike, and Will, or do you use player numbers on your play cards? What about colors; are your running backs green and your receivers blue? With the Football Play Card Player Options, you can quickly change each player’s letter, number, and color so you can identify your players just as you would as if you were still using old school markers and paper.

Steps to update a player’s letter, number, and color for the current play card

  1. Click or tap on a player to bring up the player menu
  2. Select “Player Options” from the player menu
  3. Update the player’s letter, number, outline color, and fill color
  4. Select the “Apply” button

Football Play Card - Update Player Options



Steps to update a player’s letter, number, and color for all new play cards

  1. Select Player Options from the dashboard or the side menu
  2. Select the type of player, ex: Offense
  3. Select the player you would like to update
  4. Update the player’s letter, number, outline color, and fill color
  5. Select the “Save” button to lock in your changes

Football Play Card - Player Options - System Level

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