New Functionality – New Line Drawing Tools

Step up your play card drawing skills with the new line drawing tools in version 1.7.675 of Football Play Card. Coaches and players will now be able to draw their own routes, blocks, coverages, rushes, and blitzes with four different line endings, two line styles, three line weights, and five line colors. To use the Read more about New Functionality – New Line Drawing Tools[…]

New Functionality – Drag and Move Coverage and Rush Lines

We are proud to announce that version 1.5.628 of Football Play Card now includes the ability to add rush actions to defensive players. We also enhanced the functionality of  defensive actions so that you can drag and move all defensive action lines on the field to get the perfect look. Link

Football Play Card Beta Now Available

We are no longer accepting beta users at this time. Please sign up here. ——————- Football Play Card is now available for beta testing. If you are interested in testing Football Play Card before the official launch, fill out and submit the Beta Request form. The list of features currently available in Football Play Card is located Read more about Football Play Card Beta Now Available[…]