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Canadian 12 Man Football

2019 Update

Football Play Card adds official support for Canadian 12 Man football. Check out the details at footballplaycard.com/canadian-12-man-football.


Previous Functionality

We have received several questions recently about Canadian 12 Man football, so we wanted to take a few minutes to assist our Canadian Football coaches and players.

Currently at the time of this blog post, Football Play Card does not officially support adding additional players to the play card; however, with the marker drawing tool, you can quickly and easily draw additional players on the field. Our suggestion would be to use the QB circle as the 12th player on offense, so you can assign routes and other actions lines to it and then manually draw the QB with the marker. Below is an example play card with the QB and the Buck LB drawn in with the marker. The marker tool is currently only available on our web based app, link, but it will be added back to our iPad and Android apps next week.

We are currently working on some great functionality to take creating and drawing play cards to the next level and once we release these currently planned features, we will look into adding support for Canadian 12 man football. If you have any questions about current functionality or our feature roadmap, please contact info@footballplaycard.com.

Canadian 12 Man Football

Canadian 12 Man Football