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Create Football Plays Instantly

Create and draw football plays, play cards, play scripts, and playbooks!



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Eli Manning
- Winningest coach in Pro Bowl Games history
- 2x SB Champion and 2x SB MVP

“I want to thank the Football Play Card team for helping me put together the playbook for the Pro Bowl. It was super easy to use the app, get all the plays installed, create a playbook, and put all the plays on a wristband so all the players would know what the plays were. It was super helpful using the app, they were great to work with, and it helped everyone compete at the highest level during the game."


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Includes 36 formations and their correctly aligned defenses!

If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you think a perfectly drawn play card is worth? Maximize your team's time at practice by using Football Play Cards. Share your plays with your players before practice to give them a review or after practice as a review. Sharing with players is free at no additional cost.



Save time and paper 

How long does it take you to draw a play card using your current method? With Football Play Card, you can create and draw a play card with the correct alignment for your selected personnel, offensive formation, defensive front, and coverage within seconds.



Save time and paper
Join Winners

Join Winners

Former All Pro wide receiver, Chris Chambers, used Football Play Card to make his playbook and call plays during the 7v7 National Championship tournament because of how much easier it is to call plays by scrolling on tablet in the huddle vs trying to flip through his paper plays in a binder.

Print Play Wristbands

Quickly print your play wristbands with the play diagrams or with your play names and numbers.



Football Play Card - Print Wristbands
Football Play Card - 4on4 5on5 7on7 8on8

Create Plays for ALL Team Types 

Create your playbooks, plays, and scout cards for all of the team types and number of players: 4on4, 5on5, 6on6, 7on7, 8on8, 9on9, 10on10, 11on11, and 12on12.

Create and Reuse Custom Routes

Quickly create a custom route and reuse it to save time creating your playbooks, plays, and scout cards.



Football Play Card - Custom Routes
Football Play Card - Play Animation

Animate Your Plays

With the click of a button, you can animate your plays to help your players learn their playbook faster by seeing their assignments in motion as the play develops.

Designed for coaches by coaches

The Football Play Card application gives football coaches the ability to create and draw football plays, play cards, play scripts, and playbooks in a speedy, simple and sophisticated manner. It has been designed by former collegiate football players with input from professional and collegiate coaches to include the necessary features to take creating & drawing football plays, play cards, play scripts, and playbooks to the championship level.

Save time & focus on winning

Coaches at the youth, high school, college and professional levels will no longer have to waste time drawing football plays and scout cards by hand and can spend more time focusing on winning. With the tap of a few buttons, not only can you modify the preset formations and play cards, but you can also create custom reusable offensive formations, defensive fronts, and defensive coverages.

Includes Over 1000 play cards

Instantly create plays and scout cards with the correct alignment by selecting your offensive personnel, formation, defensive personnel, front, and coverage. With over 1,000 play cards available, select from the: 10 Offensive Personnels, 36 Offensive Formations, 8 Defensive Personnels, 26 Defensive Fronts, 12 Defensive Coverages and play cards for Special Teams.

Create and view plays on any device

All of the functionality within the Football Play Card app is optimized for your laptop, desktop, iPad, Android tablet, and mobile phone. You can even take your play cards to the field on an iPad or Android tablet, or by printing them out from the web. This football playmaker app is a must-have tool for coaches at every level.

App Demo

Create, search, print, and export your plays, playbooks, play scripts, and scout cards

About Us 

Football Play Card started in early 2013 after a conversation between our CEO and his brother, who is a professional football coach, about why coaches are in the office from sunrise to midnight during the season. After the standard answers of game planning, watching film, practice, scouting, more game planning and more watching film, drawing play cards and scout cards came up. Naturally, our CEO thought they used some awesome tool that created them automatically, but the answer he got was surprising.

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His brother told him that coaches in the pros and college used markers and card stock to draw their play cards because it was easy, that’s how they have always done it and there was nothing better available.

After a lot of research, we agreed that at that time, markers and card stock was the best option available for coaches. At that moment, we decided to build an app for coaches to draw play cards and playbooks. Because we are former collegiate football players who are now software engineers, we had all of the right tech tools and football knowledge at our disposal to build an app for coaches and players that was easy to use, fast, intuitive, and filled with football intelligence.

Subscription Plans

With the Football Play Card subscription, you will always receive FREE upgrades to the latest version so you can use the new functionality and enhancements without paying for additional upgrades. You will have access to our web app at FootballPlayCard.com which can be used on any device, computer, tablet, or phone on any operating system, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

*The "Quantity" specified below represents how many coaches can collaborate using your play card binder, allowing for the creation, modification, and sharing of plays, playbooks, play scripts, and play wristbands. Ex: 3 coaches would allow the Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and Defensive Coordinator to create and edit their plays.

**The "Up to # per month/year" indicates our special discounted rates, tailored based on the number of coaches with access to create and edit plays, playbooks, play scripts, and play wristbands.

***All subscriptions include unlimited invites for players to access and view the plays and playbooks at no extra cost.

Division Champion


or $39/year

This includes:
  • Unlimited Play Cards
  • Unlimited Play Scripts
  • Unlimited Player Sharing
  • 0 Custom Formations
  • 0 Custom Coverages
  • 0 Custom Fronts

State Champion


or $179/year

This includes:
  • Unlimited Play Cards
  • Unlimited Play Scripts
  • Unlimited Player Sharing
  • 10 Custom Formations
  • 10 Custom Coverages
  • 10 Custom Fronts

National Champion


or $499/year

This includes:
  • Unlimited Play Cards
  • Unlimited Play Scripts
  • Unlimited Player Sharing
  • 20 Custom Formations
  • 20 Custom Coverages
  • 20 Custom Fronts

World Champion


or $999/year

This includes:
  • Unlimited Play Cards
  • Unlimited Play Scripts
  • Unlimited Player Sharing
  • Unlimited Custom Formations
  • Unlimited Custom Coverages
  • Unlimited Custom Fronts


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Quick Tips

  • Get up to speed with help of the Quick Tips series, you can learn all about the features and functionality in Football Play Card and be power user within minutes.


Football Play Card Drawing Tools


Save & Reuse Custom Offenses, Fronts, & Coverages


Use Folders and Play Scripts to organize your football play cards

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Create and draw football plays, play cards, scout cards, play scripts, and playbooks!